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DAY RETREAT // dare to dream big

just as the moon
i am still learning
to stand fully
in my whole power
— Danielle Doby - I am her tribe

Step out of your life and treat yourself to some powerful self care. In the first of a series of day retreats, we’ll be focusing on harnessing our inner strength and where this can take us. From the body, through the mind to the soul, nourish and stimulate your core, find the power within and begin to dream and think big!

  • 09.45 - welcome & registration

  • 10.00 - 11.00 - Floor barre class with NINA

  • 11.00 - 12.15 - Light plant based brunch

  • 12.15 - 13.45 - Assertiveness & body language tricks with ALESSANDRA

  • 14.00 - 16.00 - Dream, think big  - discussion, exercises & movement exploration with ARIANE & CARLA

This event is designed specifically to nourish and empower women.
Time and space to take care of yourself - to re-energize and reignite your life.


Yoga mats provided or bring your own
Comfortable breathable sportswear, yoga pants etc.
Water bottle for barre class

COST (includes workshops & brunch): 170 CHF


Day retreat Zürich

Start with the core of the matter.

Without a strong core, we become prone to injuries and bad posture. Properly building up your core cranks up the power in the rest of your body too and enhances balance and stability. In fact a strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do.

Work from the inside out.

floor barre zürich

Barre au Sol (often called floor barre ) derives its name from the warm up technique in classical ballet, "barre".This technique uses exercises which are modified to be done sitting or lying on the floor and are non weight bearing. This non weight bearing approach removes stress from the skeletal structure and the joints. Dancers often use this technique to improve their posture, strengthen their core muscles and enhance their precision, helping them make corrections to their posture that remain in their muscle memory for when they are standing-up.

Grow tall and claim your space.

A tall, upright posture exudes strength. It gives the impression that you’re in control of your life. In contrast, a slumped posture looks weak and defeated.

Be assertive!

assertiveness training Zürich

Learn how to express your right to exist and find the resources within yourself to regain your space! Through your voice, using mindset change exercises and body language Alessandra will introduce the concept of assertiveness. Transform the way you communicate and see the infinite possibilities that begin to open up.


personal development zürich

It All Begins with a Single Thought…

But over time, that single thought of yours may have been broken into pieces and criticised. “What are you thinking?” “It’s too big of an idea”. “Impossible.” “Too difficult.” “Been done.” …

Successful people understand that to grow BIG and expand, they have to think big and do big no matter what harsh reality they have to face. To them the sky is not the limit!

How to develop the habit of thinking BIG by thinking like someone else

Become someone you’re not, yet someone who’ll help you see things a little BIGGER, better and far more creatively.

You could begin to think like a child who’s curious and afraid of nothing.

think big zürich

Step into their shoes, and you’ll immediately gain a different perspective on your life and the circumstances that are confronting your reality. You’ll immediately begin to think more clearly, and creatively, which will help you break down the walls that are preventing you from thinking bigger than you’ve ever thought before.

In order to think big, you must think from the perspective of having no limitations and no fears.

With Ariane and Carla we’ll practice thinking big through multiple exercises and body movement. We’ll learn to let go through and with our body, just like we did when we were kids



A valued and respected Ballet teacher for both children and adults at L’Ecole Supérieure de Ballet du Quebec for over 10 years, dancer in the Baroque dance company Les Jardins Chorégraphiques with whom she has performed in many opera & theatre productions Canada wide as well as company member of Les Sortileges Danses du Monde performing in Festivals in Europe and N. America, Nina brings versatile, profound, multi-dimensional knowledge and wide ranging professional experience to her teaching practice.



assertiveness Zürich

Originally from Sicily, Alessandra brings her education and experience in languages, marketing and Jungian psychology to her coaching practice. Her mission is to bring assertiveness into people’s lives, helping them to realise their value, their right to speak up, their right to exist. Find out more about how Alessandra can help to unlock your potential :



ariane tavaïole zürich

As a Personal Growth Strategist, Ariane’s passion lies in helping her clients see the bigger picture, bridging the gap between fear and confidence to create a joyful, passionate, productive and meaningful life. Ariane uses simple yet effective tools, customized strategies and a dowse of tough love to ensure concrete results. Ariane continuously educates herself to expand her knowledge and foremost, to remain relevant and be a role model to her clients.



carla doorn zürich

Born in Argentina, Carla started dancing professionally at the age of 19 in Latin America and Europe. Carla trained in Classical and Contemporary Dance, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Breakdance, Aerial Dance, Clown and Physical Theater. Today she uses her knowledge of the Feldenkrais method to teach her students how to carry less stress in their body by moving with more ease and flow. She teaches by learning through and with the body as we did with so much fun and ease when we were children.