The start of a new year is a time to take on new challenges and look for new inspiration as well as continuing to do the things we already know make us happy! With this in mind we have plenty of exciting surprises for all belly dance fans out there plus lots of your old favourites! (See our timetable for KP1)  

Why not try something new this coming weekend (09.01.) with one of our free crash courses at our New Year Studio Hafla - and bring your friends and family along too. Or sign up for a different way to get fit with our new ballet workout course, Barre au Sol.


ALIA & the ZeoT team are looking forward to dancing with you and wish you a wonderful 2016


Saturday, 09.01.16
Doors open: 19.30 Uhr

Showblock 1: 20.00 Uhr
Crash course: American Tribal Style

Showblock 2: 21.00 Uhr
Crash course: Shimmy






Barre au Sol (often called floor barre ) derives its name from the warm up technique in classical ballet, "barre".

This technique uses exercises which are modified to be done sitting or lying on the floor and are non weight bearing. This non weight bearing approach removes stress from the skeletal structure and the joints. Dancers often use this technique to improve their posture, strengthen their core muscles and enhance their precision, helping them make corrections to their posture that remain in their muscle memory for when they are standing-up. Whether you have always wanted to take a ballet class and thought it impossible, are afraid to go back to doing sports after an injury or are simply looking for a good healthy work out this class is for you. Taught by an experienced graduate of the National Ballet of Canada's Teacher Training Programme this class offers a way to correct posture and work-out while having fun and feeling good about oneself. 

Price: 200.- (160.- with discount)
Duration: 8 weeks
Next course: KP1 2016 from 13.01. - 05.03.2016
Level: open

Wednesdays at 18.00 with Nina Goring (Canada) // Class in English



27 / 28 February
Course Language:

A seasoned performer, inspirational teacher and exotic personality, Sharon Kihara is known the world over for her avante-garde sensibilities, as well as for her graceful and powerful technique. She comes from a strong background in western dance, beginning with Ballet as a wee tike and continuing to perform with University Modern and Jazz dance companies throughout the nineties.  But her true love came in the form of Bellydance, first witnessed by Sharon as a child in it’s Cabaret form, then as Tribal Style in the mid nineties, and, as her mind had been blown beyond all hope for repair, she decided to pursue this art form with full enthusiasm.