From the end of August onwards, our theme will be classical Raqs Sharqi, the jewel in the crown of any self respecting belly dancer! The type of movements reflect the music: expansive use of space and body line and varied qualities of movements ranging from powerful to refined through which the dancer can express the rhythm and 'feel' of the melodies. With many different rhythm changes within one piece of music, you're sure to recognise some of the rhythms we've been studying this summer at ZeoT Zürich.

Don't forget that regular classes will take a one week break from the 22nd August. However there's no need to sit at home twiddling your thumbs - join one of the exciting daytime or evening workshops with our talented guest dancers.

We are looking forward to seeing many faces at the opening of our new photo exhibition with Michael Baxter (plus studio show) and are happy to announce that as of KP5 we will be offering a special discounted student abo (details in newsletter).

ALIA & the ZeoT team are looking forward to dancing with you in KP5

KP5 : 29.8 - 23.10

SUMMER SPECIAL : 22.8. - 28.8.2016 (no regular classes during the week)


From 22 August - 28 August, we will be celebrating summer with an action packed week of dance! From Rumba or Tango fusion with Ozgen, to wave exploration, stage presence and afro contemporary with Anasma and Arnaldo Iasorli, there is something for everyone! Invite your friends to join our intensive introductory classes during this week and receive 15% discount off your next course.

Discounted packages for 3 or 5 or more workshops available. Info here.



We are very excited to announce the opening of the exhibition of belly dancer's favourite photographer, Michael Baxter in the ZeoT studio in Zürich.

Vernissage: Saturday 6th August // 19.00. Dance performance: 20.00 with dancers Katharina Bellyqueeny, Manuela Züger and Tahira Hibah, all previously photographed by Michael Baxter.

Michael Baxter is offering photo shoots in Zürich on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th August. To reserve a photo shoot : mbaxter@cruzio.com


When you need a break from studying, come and dance! We are delighted to offer all dancers with Legi, a discounted ABO of 375.- If you are a member of ASVZ, you can discount a further 20.- (ABO for students with Legi and ASVZ = 355.-)

Designed for anyone who wants to dance more than once a week, the ABO allows you the flexibility to choose your own programme and dance as many times a week as you want.* Register for your 2 favourite classes and we will reserve a place for you there, giving you additionally the freedom to turn up to any other class without having to register. 

Send us an email with the 2 classes you want to register in, plus a copy of your Legi / ASVZ membership and get dancing! info@zeot.ch

* ABO is valid for one course period (8 weeks)


Get ready to hit the dance floor! Dancing is a whole-body workout that's actually fun. It's good for your heart, it makes you stronger, and it will help with balance and coordination. This Dance-Fit Workout features the science of interval training combined with dance choreography and strength training. The class is designed to give you the chance to get a full body aerobic workout and interval training plus perform strength and flexibility exercises.....and dance!!! A 30-minute dance class burns between 130 and 250 calories, about the same as jogging....and we'll be doing 50 minutes! Imagine that!

We will lead you through a series of choreographed steps. The focus might be on the footwork, or leaps, turns, shimmies, and cha-chas.....rest assured, whatever the focus it will engage the entire body.....you never know what we will be doing....just be sure you will get a really great workout!

Price: 200.- (160.- with discount)
Duration: 8 weeks
Next course: KP5 2016 from 29.8. - 23.10.2016 // Fridays with ALIA // 12.05 - 12.55
Level: open


Learn more about different styles of oriental dance with NINA....during your lunch break! From drum solos to folkloric dance or dancing with accessories like veil or finger cymbal, practise the movements and steps of many different dance styles. This is a technique only course without choreography.

Regular class starts : 14.9.2016 // 12.00 - 13.20
Level: beginner - intermediate ( A - M)


Free trial class : Wednesday 31.8 // 12.00 - 13.20
(Please register at info@zeot.ch for the free trial class)


Want to hear more about what's on offer at ZeoT? Then tune in to Radio 24 and hear an interview with ALIA.


LHAMO will be dancing at the Museum Bellerive, where the exhibition ''Couleurs Désert - Teppichkunst aus Marokko'' will be held. Don't miss the chance to see Lhamo dancing in this wonderful museum!

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Dance shows at 20/21/22/23/24

Museum Bellerive, Höschgasse 3, 8008 Zürich


Further info: