A big thank you to ZeoT for inviting the one and only Sharon Kihara to Zürich! We spent a fabulous weekend dancing our booties off (not only in the infamous „invasion of the booty snatchers“ workshop). She took us from earthy drum solo to flowy combinations and, in the last two hours, to ourselves in an intense but inspiring butoh class. Always challenging, always supportive, with a strong technique and musicality, Sharon is a teacher who can help you bring out the best in you. Most of the dancers I met that weekend took more than one workshop, which created a nice group feeling and additionally we could also see each other develop during the day. Even with 18 dancers, we fit easily into ZeoT's spacious studio - without stepping on each others toes either!

Thank you Sharon for sharing your art with us, and thank you ZeoT for making it happen!


sharon 1.jpg

In this video snippet, we asked Sharon if she had any suggestions for us regarding dance practice - which of course she had. Enjoy!