With her focus on the body and the visualization of movement, Manuela Benz's prints have found a perfect temporary home in her exhibition at ZeoT Zürich which runs until September 2019.

Manuela's interest lies in the perception of space via the body, the expression of the atmosphere through movement, and in the channeling of energy through reduction. Since she dances herself and works regularly with her body, her focus is on this topic.

In her works she deals with the representation of movement, both in the figure and in the quality of the lines. The printing technique she uses is particularly suitable for this purpose, as it allows an effect of depth and dynamic line to be expressed by using different forces when engraving into the printing plate.

In the following images you can follow the process of creation and development of Manuela’s latest work. Working from photographs taken during a dance session with ALIA, Manuela has created a new series of prints.