Coinciding with the performance project CHROMA, which will be premiered in the second half of the ZeoT show in June 2018, we're very excited to present an exhibition of the colourful paintings and photos of Sarah Zahno in the ZeoT dance studio. (27.04. - 21.07.18)

"Ephemeral Moments" is an exhibition of both completed paintings and art photography that Sarah Zahno takes during the painting process. She works with different mediums that she mixes, searching for the movement whilst they react with each other. The moments that she captures on film are unique and fleeting as the painting is in a continually changing state.

Sarah, influenced by her background as a dancer, is inspired by lightness, transparency and movement. She uses sculpture, painting and photography to convey movement, form and the confusion of form. Looking at her work one feels cocooned, in a place where it feels good to be.

Come to the Vernissage on Friday 27th April, 18.00 - 20.00, to meet the artist in person.

In this blog Sarah talks about one of her paintings, "Heart on fire".


painting exhibition zeot zurich

No flame is the same, the colours change, it mutates, multiplies and ignites. It keeps developing, growing, but also flutters and extinguishes itself.

Through this painting, I sought to express the feeling of the strength of emotions and the physical sensations that it awakens within each of us. The search for colours to achieve an interpretation of this resonance and movement was a real challenge. The emotions can be so subtle, with all of their nuances and their gradients.

The fusion of painting with photography is a very powerful medium for me. It suggests movement, evolution, progression, and is therefore representative of the ephemeral. Freezing moments of my painting before they change is one of the elements that most interests me in my practice.

This has a particularly strong connection to the subject of fire.

See more of Sarah's work on Instagram.