Dance has been called the universal language and in the same way that languages can tell us so much about a culture, so can its dance. Join us in KP6 to learn more!

There are many ethnic and folkloric dances and rituals throughout the Middle East that form the foundation of Oriental dance and in Kp6 we will be exploring just 3 of them: Persian dance (level A), Chiftatelli - Turkish Court dance (level A/M) and Turkish 9/8 (level M & M/F).

Celebrating and embracing dance, music and culture from the Middle East we also have 3 very special events coming up; workshops with Ozgen (Turkey) in September, Asian Hafla and a Palestinian music concert (with mezze) in November.

ALIA & the ZeoT team are looking forward to dancing with you in KP6

KP6 : 24.10 - 18.12


Ozgen has performed, taught, choreographed & directed for the last 18 years. His reputation as a male belly dancer & teacher has taken him across the world. Ozgen taught for several years at the Tolgahan Dance School in Istanbul, and is now based in London, teaching and performing Turkish Oriental & Romani (Gypsy) dance internationally. He is currently touring throughout the world with his theatre production 'Ask'. We are delighted that he has taken a month off from touring to teach us in Zürich!


Join Adel Salameh (oud), Salah Eddin Maraqa (Qanoun) & Raphael Duss (Nay) for an evening of Palestinian music. Traditional and original compositions will be performed by the trio in the studios of Zentrum für orientalische Tanzkunst (ZeoT) followed by a delicious plate of vegetarian mezze from Aubergine Catering GmbH.

Tickets for concert & mezze: 40CHF
Available from : info@zeot.ch
Doors open: 18.30
Concert start: 19.00


As the summer fades away, it can be hard to stay motivated to keep fit. In addition to your dance classes, why not shake things up a bit with a fitness class? All our fitness classes are dance related and will help you build stamina, strength whilst having fun!

Dance Fit Workout - ALIA: NEW on Mondays // starts 24.10.16 // 12.05 - 12.55
Shimmy Fit - SIMONE: Mondays // starts 24.20.16 // 17.30 - 18.20
Ballet - LORENA: NEW on Tuesdays // starts 25.10.16 // 18.00 - 18.50
Barre au Sol - NINA: Wednesdays // starts 26.10.16 // 18.00 - 18.50


The ZeoT show group Najma, students from our chinese dance class plus the Tangren school children's group, Julie, Alia, Lhamo & Meissoun will perform during our special Asian Night, on Saturday 5th November from 18.30 onwards. Plus Asian buffet and complementary seated acupressure massage! No reservation necessary!


When you need a break from studying, come and dance! We are delighted to offer all dancers with Legi, a discounted ABO of 375.- If you are a member of ASVZ, you can discount a further 20.- (ABO for students with Legi and ASVZ = 355.-)

Designed for anyone who wants to dance more than once a week, the ABO allows you the flexibility to choose your own programme and dance as many times a week as you want.* Register for your 2 favourite classes and we will reserve a place for you there, giving you additionally the freedom to turn up to any other class without having to register. 

Send us an email with the 2 classes you want to register in, plus a copy of your Legi / ASVZ membership and get dancing! info@zeot.ch

* ABO is valid for one course period (8 weeks)