Our slogan may be ‘Put a smile on your hips’, but as dancers we also want to keep our feet happy! Taking proper care of your feet is very important, even if you only dance occasionally. What happens in your feet affects your entire body – and the way you move. Fallen arches or improper technique can impact the entire alignment of the body and contribute to acute or chronic injury at the ankle, knee, hip, and/or back. 

We have put together some great tips for you to keep your feet in shape, including how to warm up and strengthen your feet. Relaxing and treating your feet is equally important! Read on to find out more about our special pedicure offer in collaboration with Summer Beauty Zürich!

ALIA & the ZeoT team are looking forward to dancing with you in KP3

KP3: 2.5 - 26.6.16

Warming up

Decrease your risk of injury by increasing blood flow to your feet. Walk slowly (heel, ball, toes) while concentrating on articulating the foot in a slow stride. Then reverse the articulation by taking slow steps backwards or in place (toes, ball, heel), while again focusing on articulating the foot. This exercise is not only great for your feet, but does a lot to warm up your hips and legs, too!



  • Sitting on the floor, pointe and flex your feet slowly with a theraband around the top half of your foot.
  • Sitting on a chair, place a small towel on the ground and try to pick it up with just your toes.  
  • Do toe ‘sit-ups’! Pointe your toe and just lift the toes up and then back to pointe.  Repeat 12 times, rest, and repeat to more sets of 12.  
  • With a theraband, slowly roll your ankle outward 12 times and inward 12 times, articulating through the foot as much as possible.  Rest and repeat two more times.

Relax and improve movement

Use Franklin Balls to give a gentle joint release through the back foot, mid foot and front foot as well as to improve your range of movement.


For all current ZeoT students, Sabina Mazza at Summer Beauty Zürich is offering a choice of pedicures at a discounted rate.

Reservation : 079 336 20 66 // info@summerbeautycosmetic.com


Students and teachers alike will be performing in the beautiful theatre Aula Rämibühl on May 22nd at 18.00. Experience the many faces of oriental dance, from tribal fusion to chinese dance, modern oriental, pop and more! With oriental food from Aubergine Catering and belly dance costumes and more from Sarhan's Orient shop (from 17.00 and during the break).

Date : 22.5.16
Box office: 17.00
Doors open : 17.30

Tickets: Category 1: 30.- // Category 2: 25.- // Category 3: 20.- Children under 12 are free, 12-18 years old : 10.-

Tickets: info@zeot.ch


From 22 August - 28 August, we will be celebrating summer with an action packed week of dance! From Rumba or Tango fusion with Ozgen, to wave exploration, stage presence and afro contemporary with Anasma and Arnaldo Iasorli, there is something for everyone! Invite your friends to join our intensive introductory classes during this week and don't miss our Hafla on Saturday 27th August with performances from Ozgen, Anasma and Arnaldo Iasorli amongst others!

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